To us, client needs are a combination of the project briefing, company history, client’s existing products, users of their products, developments in their market segment, their capabilities and ambitions.

Understanding all of these helps us produce results with a long-term perspective, not just temporary solutions.



As projects and clients vary, our creative approach strongly depends on the required results. In all cases, an important task for hegge ID is to guide our client through the creative and development process, from initial contact to creative kick-off, concept development, design, engineering and follow-up. The hegge ID approach revolves around interactivity with our client and a pro-active consulting role.



We believe the best way to develop truly innovative and durable concepts is to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams with a conceptual, aesthetic and functional scope. This creates synergy between the designer, engineer and our client. With all parties involved and committed, the entire development process is accomplished faster and more efficiently, resulting in durable and successful products.

hegge ID process

The use of our facilities strongly depends on the specific attention a project requires. Depending on the the requested results, a strategy mix of vision, tools and capacity is essential. But the foundation of our work is a solid startingpoint and a synergy-based relationship with the client. The best way to create synergy between the client’s ideas and those of our engineers and designers is to bring them together during the early stages of the project. That is why most of our activities are not carried out according to the “classical” design phasing structure. At hegge ID, engineers participate in the development of design concepts and designers are involved in detail engineering.




brainstorming facilitation / innovative concept ideation / consultation on materials / manufacturing / supplier-related issues / proof-of-principle model making / proof-of-concept model making / design impression model making / high-end prototype consulting support / product-related logo and branding design / product-related animations



in-house 3d scanning and data analysis / visualisation by sketching, rendering and photographic manipulation / prototype building / dummy foam/mock-up making / virtually all common design and engineering software applications